Ibanez Jem 555

Ibanez Jem 555

Ibanez jem 555 wh for sale

ibanez jem 555 wh for sale
Swap Shop, eBay and For Sale items – Ibanez JEM555WH For Sale :)

paoVSgodzilla – Apr 04, 2006 – 08:58 AM
Post subject: Ibanez JEM555WH For Sale :)

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Ibanez jem 555 wh price

ibanez jem 555 wh price
Selling my Ibanez JEM555WH with Prestige Hard Case and Original Accessories.

£560 + pp. UK ONLY.

Great condition, perfect working order, Brilliant tone, DiMarzio Evolution Pickups. PM me if interested or post reply. Tha[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 universe guitar

ibanez jem 555 universe guitar
JEM & UV Specifications
Specs: JEM & UV | JS | Ibanez 7-strings | USA Custom

Quick Jump: Anniversary | 7 | 77 | 777 | 555 | Universe | Notes

Color Codes of Abbreviations[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 spec

JEM Anniversary Guitars
List Price $2999.99 w/ case $2999.99 + case $4999.99 w/ case
Pictures JEM10, Gallery Gallery Photos
Color Black w/ binding Blue-Green metallic texture DNA multicolor swirl
Body Basswood Basswood Basswood
Pickguard Engraved Aluminum[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 steve vai

ibanez jem 555 steve vaiIbanez JEM555

Features:Action, Fit, & Finish:Sound Quality:Reliability/Durability:Ease of Use:Customer

Support:Overall RatiReviewer Background:
Purchased From:
Sound Control
GBP799.99 GBP
Features:Firstly, the specs. This guitar comes with a 3 p[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 reviews


ibanez jem 555 reviews
Member Reviews


On 2/16/2004, Carlos Eduardo Seo (899) posted:
Overall Rating:
After watching Steve Vai live in 2000, I decided to buy a JEM. The only one I could find was[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 pictures


ibanez jem 555 pictures

The proliferation of fake guitars being sold today has prompted me to give them their own page. These largely Chinese made fake Ibanez are what prompted Ibanez to release substandard guitars like the JEM333 and PGM3 at price points to compete with thes[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 prices

ibanez jem 555 prices
Ibanez jem 555 jr. for sale or swap

PriceP 8,000.00
ibanez jem 555 jr

made in china po

for sale 8k neg or swap po s kahit anong multiefex o kahit anong item.

ofer lang po kayo baka sakaling magustohan ko po.

post your ofer or txt lang po kayo 0908186898[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 price list

Jemsite Pricing Guide
Below is a pricing guide for JEM & Universe guitars in the USA. It is only a pricing estimate, so please use common sense when buying and selling. Listed are commonly seen prices for Used guitars through standard classifieds, private sellers or dealers. New prices are strictly[......]

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Ibanez jem 555 picture

ibanez jem 555 picture
Guitar tech – Setting up an Ibanez JEM 555WH
After the JEM series was launched at the NAMM show, Ibanez with Steve Vai began to design and produce the guitar actively. Rich Lasner of Hoshino explained that Vai used a “Chinese menu approach” to design the guitar (i.e. choosi[......]

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